5 Attributes of Hidden (and Future) Technical Talent

If you were to look back over the last several hires that you have made, are you able to pair the attributes and characteristics identified during the interview process with the candidate’s work performance? Chances are good that you recognized green, pink, or red flags that later proved to be very telling about their future performance. A primary factor in finding hidden talent involves identifying these hard to measure traits & attributes. Following are five attributes…

In search of an ASIC designer – a short story

As a Senior Manager John needed to #hire an experienced ASIC design engineer yesterday. He didn’t have time to search, screen, and recruit for the A-player that his team needed so he reached out to a team that had long standing relationships with contract and full-time #ASIC engineers throughout the country. Do you need an ASIC Architect, Design, or Verification engineer? Call Cameron Resources today for help (407) 359-1557!