6 Steps to Reinvent your Career in 2017

Follow our easy six step process to reveal your perfect career!

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it                ~Peter Drucker

1. Brainstorm your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Consider times when you have provided value to people or companies based upon your special skills/networks.

2. List current industry trends & needs. Keep in mind that a high growth industry will provide substantially more opportunity for your career. For entrepreneurs, you may find it helpful to evaluate the top franchises for the past year to get an idea about current business trends. Pay particular attention to niche markets that may be undeserved.

3. Identify (and expand upon) the intersections between the above two lists. Get creative and wild with idea’s — this is were you can really have some fun! BONUS: Get your significant other, best friend, or respected peers to provide their opinion and help generate even more ideas.

4. Assemble a list of 10+ relevant companies that fit the above industry space. Spend some time on Indeed.com to find out who is hiring within this space, what the desired skills are, and what the pay scales look like. List the pro’s and con’s of working for each of the companies you have identified.

5. Leverage your network for information, contacts & referrals for the companies you identified above.

6. Take action to create a Career Development strategy. This strategy will include the process of documenting who you reach out to, what you will say, and how often you will follow-up. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals! This means e-mailing your resume to a reputable recruiter within your industry — if you are an engineer, scientist, programmer, or executive you can email your resume to resume@cameron-resources.com so that we can help you find your career home.

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