How to Write a Compelling Job Description

Want to hire top talent? Then forget the idea of writing boring job descriptions. Job seekers are substantially more likely to engage with you if you write a compelling story about what the opportunity your advertising is all about. If you are having trouble writing a situational story, write a story of the company, position, people, and/or culture instead – almost anything is more exciting to read than a job description, so have some fun and make it interesting!

When writing your [job opportunity] story be sure and engage the reader by using as much sensory language as possible. Example: “The feeling of working with such a high-caliber team in such a creative environment is very Google like.  Even the office has the new office smell as if it had just been painted.”

Organize your story with an introduction, conflict, struggle, and resolution. First introduce the reality of the situation within your organization. Then move on to describe the conflict the that leads to a struggle finally describe how a new reality is created thanks to the efforts of the new hire (the person reading the job ad). Following is an example:

“The sprint to meet the market need for cloud-based, scalable software applications is in high gear. We’re working with a top-tier Client who seeks a top 1% developer who can identify solutions to very complex problems. This innovative role requires someone with direct experience coding in C#/.NET who can work with developers and testers worldwide. This individual cannot be shy about asserting their opinion even though their coworkers are extraordinarily gifted (ie. this opportunity is not for the timid). We are looking for a technical team player capable of contributing to the build of entirely new cross-platform applications. We are talking about something innovative and unlike anything the market has seen before.

Within your first (6 months, year, couple of years), you will…. {describe the projects that they Candidate will be expected to complete}.

Writing job descriptions in this matter will significantly increase your chances of attracting the A-player you are looking to hire and is a heck of a lot more fun!


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