Revolutionary Hair Sample DNA test to find Talent

“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” ~Steve Jobs

Capturing, screening and storing resumes may soon be a thing of the past for the Orlando based executive recruiting agency Cameron Resources Group. Through DNA sequencing CRG has developed the world’s first #Genetic Tracking System [GTS] designed specifically to identify those with a high propensity to achieve and succeed – all from a simple hair sample.

Current research has established a 94.63% genetic correlation between three key genes and individuals pre-disposed to success in life. Additionally a 78.21% correlation has been established for four other genes and an individual’s creative abilities.

This research is now being used to source ideal candidates for some high-technology professions. While this revolutionary technology certainly has it concerns – especially among privacy buffs – it benefits are tremendous” says Marcella Cameron, CRG President.
“Since we have adopted this technology we can now find key talent for positions ranging from electrical engineers to software architects in a matter of days or even hours in some instances – these types of searches used to take us weeks” says Jennifer Stevens, CRG Head of Genetic Research.

CRG has now moved from the feasibility of the science to the means by which to implement the technology.

“Now the question becomes how to capture and catalog the myriad of hair samples currently out there.” Says Richard Cameron, Vice President of Hair Capture Contracts. The basic systems used to decode, transfer, and store the information are already in place and we are currently in discussions with major hair salons in San Jose, CA; Boston, MA; Austin, TX and Orlando, FL to establish a prototype process.

Today Cameron Recruiting Group offers a challenge to any company looking for very specific individuals, “We can find anyone quickly and flawlessly as long as we fully understand the real needs of the organization” says Richard. If your company needs help finding superior talent please contact us at or call us at (407) 359-1557.

[Reprint from April 1, 2016]

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