The All-in-One Jobseeker’s Toolkit

We’ve seen things, man.

I mean it, when it comes to resumes and job interviews, we’ve really seen it all.

Over the past eighteen years, we’ve received resumes filled with type-os, religious polemics, political rants, glamour shots, outrageous brags, and outright lies. We’ve had candidates blow off interviews, show up intoxicated, wear flip-flops, and treat waiters poorly at lunch meetings. At the eleventh hour, we’ve witnessed otherwise great candidates flub the negotiation process and lose out on great opportunities.

On the sunny side, we’ve also received stellar resumes that blow us away and get posted on our office fridge to awe and inspire. We’ve had dark horse candidates knock out the competition, cinching the offer with their wits and personality in spite of a lack of academic or professional pedigree. We’ve helped candidates nab salaries they’d never have imagined possible.

It’s been a wild ride, and we’ve taken notes!

If you’re a candidate anywhere in the job hunting process, whether you’re trying to craft a post-interview thank you note or just getting your resume started, you need to click HERE. Like, right now.

The modestly named “Helpful Tools” section of the Cameron Resources Group website has a goldmine of templates and links that will supercharge your search. What’s there, you ask? Everything, I answer!

Getting your resume started:
Fighting with MS Word over tabs and margins? Use the aesthetically pleasing Sample Resume Template that will tame the frenetic eyes of the recruiter who’s going to spend about 15 seconds deciding whether or not to move your resume along in the process.

Nailing the interview:
Afraid the cat will get your tongue on the big day? Rehearse your answers to the 35 Behavioral Interview Questions with your spouse, best friend, or pet. You should have a lot of these pre-packaged and waiting in your back pocket before walking in the door. Example: “Give me an example of a time when something you tried to accomplish something and failed”. Yikes, better practice that one in the mirror a few times, yeah?

CRUSHING the interview:
Want to blow all the other candidates out of the water toward the end of the interview? Turn the tables on the interrogators and ask some thoughtful Questions to Ask an Interviewer that will make you look like a seasoned superstar.

Following up:
Crushed the interview, and afraid you’re going to blow it with a thank you note that makes you look desperate, needy, or just awkward? We gotcha covered. Use our quick and simple Sample Thank You Letter as a guideline for your follow-up email.

For all the object-oriented programmers in the house:
Interviewing for a C++ developer role? Check out the Sample C++ Interview Questions ahead of time to brush up on all the standard gotchas you’ll encounter.

The internet has plenty of advice for those on the professional prowl, but we’ve tied them up in a neat little bow and delivered them on a silver platter for you. With these tools at your disposal, you’re going to have to try very hard to NOT get the job. Good luck, seekers!

by Justin Kirkwood, Contributing Editor, Cameron Resources Group LLC

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