Want an A-Player? Practice your A-Company [elevator] speech…..

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The A-Player Network

As a job seeker we are frequently told the importance of having a memorized elevator speech ready to be delivered when the window of opportunity opens. Concurrently if your company seeks to #hire the best in the industry it is equally important to have an A-Player speech readily available. This speech should be between 3-5 minutes in length (after practice) and cover topics important to A-player candidates. Areas of interest may include: healthcare, gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, Pension/401(k) options, training, meals, unique perks, creative projects, different work environment, culture and peers. Today’s A-player #engineer and #programmer has more #employment options than ever before; therefore a well prepared pre-close plays an important part in convincing your A-Player candidate that your company is an A-Company where they look forward to working.

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